The Mazda3 Earns CarGurus Best Used Car Award!

The Mazda3 has earned the Cargurus Best Used Car Award in the compact Sedan/Hatchback Category, and here at Koeppel Mazda, we are proud to tell you why. We list here three of the primary reasons that the car won the award, and why we believe it will continue to outperform other vehicles in its category.

Red 2016 Mazda3

Exquisite Design

The Mazda3 from 2015-2018 sold over five million vehicles worldwide, and this is largely due to its excellent design. Simple and yet luxurious, the Mazda3 has digital and analog controls, a ten-speaker Bose system, excellent steering, sufficient cargo, and much more. The overall design of the vehicle is elegant, and this is one of the many reasons it has continued to shine.

A Trusted Brand

Mazda3s take the best elements of luxury vehicles like BMW and Audi and incorporate them into their style. Smaller steering wheels, longer bodies, smooth transmissions, and affordability make it an excellent car that lasts for years. It is no surprise that the Mazda3 has beat out the competition time and time again and continues to provide a reliable and elegant ride each outing.


The Mazda3 offers a safe ride and the model has done so for years. With technologies like rear-cross traffic alert, lane keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring, there is no doubt that the Mazda3 puts safety first. The vehicle’s features have only improved as time has passed, too, so this is an area that the Mazda3 is not falling behind on anytime soon.

See the award-winner for yourself at Koeppel Mazda, located at 77-12 Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights, or call us at 866-828-4991 to inquire about our pre-owned vehicles. We are glad to help you and champion one of the best cars for the last four years. Come find out what makes the Mazda3 a winner.

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