With fall and winter bringing colder temperatures and adverse weather conditions, it's a good idea to make sure your Mazda is prepared. Taking these steps before the cold season starts can help prevent or minimize damage to your car, save you some money, and keep you and your passengers safe. With that in mind, consider these tips to make your Mazda winter-ready.

Mazda SUV in Snow

Check the tread on your tires, if it's worn too low, you may find you have poor traction on slippery roads. Ice and snow can be particularly hazardous when your tread is worn. If it's too low, consider replacing them with specialized winter tires.

Fix your paint job. When it comes to winterizing their vehicles, drivers tend to focus on protecting the internal mechanisms of the car itself. However, the outside is just as important. Cracks and chips in the paint of your car can expose the metal beneath to moisture, creating rust and corrosion. It may not create a noticeable impact immediately, but over time the resulting damage can weaken or create holes in the body and will cost much more to fix. Repairing any damage to your paint and re-waxing your Mazda is a great way to prevent winter from wreaking havoc on its body.

Test your battery. All the preparations you make are for naught if your battery isn't up to snuff. Extremely low temperatures can harm both the battery itself as well as its connections. If these parts are damaged or no longer working, your car may not be able to start. Have the battery and connections tested, and if need be replace and install new components.

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